Policies & Forms




We work hard to educate you about your pets' health and options for their care. In order to make this possible, we require payment in full at the time of service. 

Please visit our financial assistance page for information on finding credit or aid. 

Downloadable Forms - Click the Active Links

(We will be adding more as we are able.)


New Client Information Worksheet - Fill out both pages if you have never brought a pet to our clinic before. Fill out page 2 if you have been to see us before and are bringing in a patient that is new to us. 

Day-Stay Patient Drop-Off Form

Diabetic Drop-off Form

Avian Check-in Form

Reptile Check-in Form

Small Mammal Check-in Form



Privacy Policy/Records Release Form

We take our clients' privacy very seriously. We do not store credit card information in our computer system. We also do not release client/patient information except as medically necessary between hospitals. Should someone outside of a medical facility require your pet's records, please contact us to sign a release form. 


Restraint Policy

Please allow us to restrain your pet in a manner that will be safe for everyone including you, our staff and your pet. We reserve the right to use muzzles with aggressive pets and will do our best to put them at ease while we tend to their needs. 


Internet Pharmacy and Prescription Policy

Our internet pharmacy is up and running. Click the link to request medication refills, prescription diets or other products such as the Furminator at any time of day or night and have them delivered directly to your home with the peace of mind that the manufacturer's warranty will be honored, and all of your questions will be answered, unlike many of the "discount" online pharmacies. 


In the meantime, you may still request prescription refills with at least 24 hours notice directly from our office at 719-475-1747 or by logging into your app to fulfill your request. 

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