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I’ve been taking my pets to PPVC since 2003 and they are just  wonderful. Everyone at PPVC is professional, caring, attentive, thorough, and  personable. 


I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and all at PPVC knows what’s going on with each of  them. They are wonderful with each of my pets and especially patient and  soothing with the two that tend to be very nervous during vet  visits. Veterinarians are very busy but at PPVC they take the time to explain what  is happening with my pets and they explain in a way a non-medical person  understands. When I have questions they listen to what I’m asking and answer  my questions thoroughly. I always receive a check-in call the day after one of my  pets has a vet visit – they truly love and care about their patients and want to  make sure everyone is doing well.  Occasionally I stop in sans pets (and  sometimes without calling ahead) to pick up pill pockets, food, meds, etc. and I  am always greeted by name and with a smile.


Three years ago my black Lab  battled cancer. On the day I had to say goodbye, I was just devastated. Jessica  offered to drive me home but I declined. She got in her car and followed me  home to make sure I got there safely. That is  beyond customer service – that is kindness and  caring. There is so much more about PPVC that  makes them wonderful but I’ll leave it off here by  simply saying: PPVC is awesome and the best  veterinary practice in all of Colorado Springs – I trust  them completely.   


-- Joanne, Wolfy, Peanut, Mikey, & Jesse Barry 





     Dafodil and Sammy     Miss Lavender     Jellybean     Bartholomew


I have taken my pets to Pikes Peak Veterinary Clinic for many years.  The quality of care they have received has been exceptional.  The friendly and professional staff creates an environment where I am comfortable asking the questions I may have about my animals care and treatment. I am given the information I need in order to make the best decision for my pet’s needs.  I would highly recommend this Veterinarian to anyone who really cares about their pet


--Susan Curnutte and Furry Family

                           Rosepetal         Miss Lillybean           Dandilion